ModLoader for Minecraft 1.4.7

Program makes it easier for players to install different mods on the popular mining game

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Modloader for Minecraft is a utility which makes it even easier for users to manage modifications for the popular Minecraft game, and it also lets them use a greater number of them at a time. Minecraft's amazing popularity stems from a number of sources, one of which is how much care and detail Notch and his fellow coders at Mojang put into the world. Another is the flexibility of that world and the software that powers it, as players are able to take advantage of a vast number of user-made modifications to alter that world to varying degrees.

While installing these modifications by hand is generally within the means of more technical users, those who are less comfortable with navigating file-systems and tweaking configurations files may enjoy the assistance provided by utilities like Modloader for Minecraft. Users who want to activate more mods than the stock game allows, in fact, will need to use this utility to enable that.

Modloader for Modloader for Minecraft

One interesting thing about Modloader for Minecraft is that it must itself be installed as a Minecraft mod. This is not a bit of trickery on the developers' part; it's just the way Minecraft works. That proves to be pretty easy to do, however, once the necessary Minecraft Forge software has been installed. All that users need to do thereafter is extract the Modloader for Minecraft package into the specified directory and then launch the game using the "Forge" profile. If this process proves too complicated, there are plenty of deeper tutorials available which should allow even the least savvy of users to succeed.

Variety Awaits, but Choose Carefully

Once this unavoidable bit of preparation has been taken care of, the real power of Modloader for Minecraft becomes apparent. Taking over from Minecraft's built-in facilities for such things, the utility provides a more user-friendly way of enabling and using mods. Just as importantly, it allows users to activate a potentially unlimited number of modifications at once, where the unmodified game only permits two at most. In practice, users will need to take care that the mods they activate don't conflict with one another, as game instability will result otherwise. The utility still carries its weight by allowing for some much-welcomed variety and power, however, so many dedicated Minecraft users will want to take a look at it.


  • Allows Minecraft players to enjoy more than two mods at once.
  • Makes it easier to manage and select installed modifications.


  • Installation process, though reasonable, will confuse a few users.

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